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Q1 2023 Bond Compass

A New Landscape for Bonds

While the policy cycle appears to be turning and fixed income has started to perform, we could see near-term volatility. But amid a reshaped bond landscape, with higher yields and flatter curves, investors have ways to address market challenges. In our Q1 Bond Compass, we focus on three areas: investment grade credit, emerging market debt and short-maturity strategies.

Bond Compass: Quick Take

Lucy Brown, SPDR Fixed Income Product Specialist and Jason Simpson, Senior Fixed Income ETF Strategist provide a brief overview of the major themes in this quarter’s Bond Compass.

Video (02:15)

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About the Bond Compass

Our most comprehensive quarterly report on fixed income flows and holdings includes analysis of investor trends across $10 trillion of assets,2 plus SPDR® fixed income ETF implementation ideas for the upcoming quarter.