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Mid-Year 2019: Global Market Outlook  

Despite trade risks, economic cycle should continue given accommodative policy stance.

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Active Managed Funds

Global Equities: Don’t Overpay to Be Defensive

When defensive equity positions become more appealing, stocks that exhibit lower-risk attributes can become expensive.

Australian Equities: Warning Signs for Growth Stocks

Australian growth companies are the most expensive in the world.

Multi-Asset: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Johnson is sticking by his promise to “Get Brexit Done” and deliver it by 31 October.

Fixed Income: A Tale of Two Halves for Credit and FRN’s

The senior unsecured credit spread rally continued into Q3 with bank spreads then losing some of these gains in early September.

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Our Active Quantitative Equities team has created Funds that aim to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns, facilitating a smoother ride for investors towards their financial goals.


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As one of the world’s largest fixed income and money market managers, our team has designed an active floating rate note fund which may aid Australian investors with their growing income needs.

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