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What You Miss By Overlooking Mid Caps

Mid caps offer a unique combination of stability and growth potential, yet investors often favor large- and small-cap stocks within their equity allocation. Explore what you might be missing if you have a mid-cap gap.

Source: Fund data is from Bloomberg Finance, L.P. as of December 31, 2020.

Methodology: Using mid-cap blend as the base, we compared sector weightings across mid-cap value and mid-cap growth. A difference of +1% or greater is marked as overweight, a difference of -1% or greater is marked as underweight, and any difference within the 1% range is marked as equivalent to the mid-cap blend base sector weighting.

This information should not be considered a recommendation to invest in a particular sector or to buy or sell any security shown. It is not known whether the sectors or securities shown will be profitable in the future. The holdings are taken from the accounting records of SSGA which may differ from the official books and records of the custodian.

Access the top ten holdings for MDY , MDYV , and MDYG.

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Conventional wisdom states that large-cap stocks hold up best in market downturns and that small-cap stocks take the lead in a recovery. Download our whitepaper which challenges those assumptions and explores:

  • The performance of large-, mid-, and small-cap exposures during past crisis periods
  • Risk / return metrics for broad-market and style exposures during these periods
  • Qualities that may help companies rebound from crises

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Large-Cap Fund, or Large-Cap Companies
An abbreviation for “large-capitalization fund,” an equities portfolio composed of companies each with a market value of more than $13.1 billion.

S&P MidCap 400™ Index
A benchmark that seeks to target the mid-cap portion of the US equities market. The index covers more than 7% of the US equities market. Included in the index are companies with market cap in the range of $3.6 billion to $13.1 billion. This range is reviewed from time to time to ensure consistency with market conditions.

Small-Cap Stocks
Stocks with a relatively small market capitalizations — generally companies with market values of between $850 million and $3.6 billion. Small-cap stocks are more volatile than mid- or large-cap stocks, but tend to deliver higher returns over longer time periods.