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Low Cost Core ETFs to Build Long-term Wealth

Whether you want to generate income, manage risk, or grow capital, you can easily build a diversified core portfolio for less with SPDR® Portfolio ETFs.

Why Low Cost ETFs

Why Pay More? Build Your Core Portfolio for Less.

Because the core is the largest part of your portfolio, costs matter — and they can erode performance over time. That’s why our simplified suite of 24 low-cost SPDR® Portfolio ETFsTM make it easy to build a diversified core portfolio that helps you keep more of what you earn.

Median Expense Ratio




Mutual Funds


SPDR Portfolio ETFs

Source: State Street Global Advisors, Morningstar, as of May 21, 2024. Calculations by SPDR Americas Research. Based on median prospectus net expense ratio for US-listed ETFs and US domiciled open-end mutual funds across 18 Morningstar categories representing SPDR Portfolio ETFs.

Advantages of SPDR Portfolio ETFs

Institutional Quality. Competitive Prices.

Our low-cost core ETFs combine the advantages of ETFs with the investment considerations that matter most to you.

Get Started

Build a low-cost core portfolio with ease using SPDR Portfolio ETFs. View the full lineup here, or start exploring the funds below.

Build a Resilient Core Portfolio

Why ETFs for the Core

A Leader in ETFs and Index Funds

As the creator of the world’s first ETFs, we are committed to democratizing the world of investing with institutional quality investments at a competitive price.

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