Downside Protection through US Government Bonds

With a primary focus on wealth accumulation, we believe in the importance of diversification at all points along the glidepath. For these early savers, we unlock more meaningful diversification by utilizing exclusive US government bonds which offer better downside protection in periods of stress.

  •   U.S. Gov't Bonds
  •   U.S. Aggregate Bonds
  •   Global Agg ex-USD (USD Hedged)
  •   U.S. Long Credit Bonds

Equity markets defined by S&P500 Quarterly return:
Rising >2.5%
Stable 2.5%>X>-2.5%
Falling <-2.5%

US Gov’t Bond Allocation represents 70% BBG US Long Gov’t Bond Index and 30% BBG US Intermediate Government Bond Index.

US Aggregate Bonds, Global Agg x-USD (USD Hedged) and US Long Credit Bond returns are of the respective Bloomberg indices.

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Average Returns During Rising, Stable and Declining Equity Markets