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Quantitatives Research und Analytik

The SPDR Quantitative Research team consists of highly-qualified investment experts who seek to empower clients to gain new insights on their investment portfolios. This is done via our direct Portfolio Consulting service and our Asset Allocation research insights that we publish on a regular basis.

We aim to give clients the support they need to reach their portfolio objectives which is particularly important given the need to navigate increasing complexity, market uncertainty and pressure.

Portfolio Consulting

 Working with you to deliver better investment outcomes

We have partnered with many clients with differing needs and profiles to deliver innovative solutions and insights to help them solve their investment portfolio challenges. Our service is complimentary to both existing and prospective clients. Here are some of the ways we could support you:


Investment Objective Alignment Checks

We can identify the main drivers of return and analyse how your current portfolio may respond in different scenarios by using our state-of-the-art risk models.

Portfolio ESG Assessment

Portfolio ESG Assessment We can assess your portfolio’s ESG profile and carbon footprint

Style and Factor Analysis

We can analyse how your investment choices have an impact on exposure to style and macroeconomic factors (such as value and growth).

Portfolio Optimisation

Assisting with asset allocation and in constructing new models

Providing solutions-based ideas

We can suggest innovative investment ideas for you to consider with the aim of bringing you closer to your portfolio objectives. This can include replicating certain exposures with ETFs as well as carrying out portfolio efficiency and performance analysis as a starting point. Please see below for some examples.

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Latest Insights from the Quantitative Research and Analysis Team