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Fee Reduction

On January 31, 2024, the total expense ratios for our Select Sector SPDR ETFs were reduced to 0.09%.

Investment Capabilities

Invest with Sector ETFs

With Sector ETFs, you can gain exposure to an entire sector or industry in a single trade. So it’s easy to diversify exposure, enhance your core, and adapt to changing market cycles.

Sector and Industry Trends

Current Opportunities

Find sector and industry opportunities now.

SPDR Sector and Industry ETFs

GICS Sector and Industry Map

Why Sector Investing

Sector investing can help you adjust portfolios in response to macro trends or shifts in fundamentals and technical indicators.

Consider Thematic ETFs

Resources & Insights

Invest with a Leader in Sector ETFs

State Street Global Advisors launched the world’s first suite of sector ETFs in 1998 and continues to expand on that heritage to help investors precisely meet their desired sector exposures.