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Defined Contribution

Index Investing

Our index investing expertise has been sharpened over decades of building and managing some of the world’s most successful index funds.

Our Expertise

Getting to Operational Alpha

Getting to Operational Alpha

Cost Paid

Fees and trading costs for international equity mandates can gradually erode portfolio value over time and create a drag on relative benchmark performance.²

Sticker Price

Securities Lending

Vehicle Selection

Manager Selection

Applying a DC Lens

In the DC arena, which serves millions of investors and countless transactions, we work at the intersection of efficiency and innovation and endeavour to challenge the status quo by delivering value beyond fees.

Scale becomes a competitive advantage, enabling us to more easily absorb money movement with less impact to fund performance while also supporting greater overall efficiency. Through our ERISA-qualified collective trust investments (CITs), we can deliver a series of benefits that can generate substantial savings to plans and participants:

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