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We're the quiet power in a tumultuous investing world.

State Street Global Advisors helps investors around the world ranging from government and institutions to financial advisors find better ways to achieve their investment goals.

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Global Market Outlook 2020

The Only Way Out Is Through

We see global economic expansion continuing into 2020, led by the United States, with a potential boost from greater clarity in Europe. Here’s our outlook and the key signposts we’re watching in the coming year.

Environment, Social & Governance(ESG)

Survey Says: ESG Enters the Mainstream

Asset Stewardship Report

Board Guidance + Engagement = Sustainable Returns

Quantitative Investing

The Investor Lens: What They See in the Year Ahead

Our Approach

What 119 Years of DJIA Returns Tells Us About Managing Volatility

How a defensive equity strategy can help investors better manage market volatility.

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ESG Investing

A Better Way to Carbon-Proof Your Portfolio

Finding companies adapting to the new world of climate risk


Index Rebalance Trading Strategies Can Maximize Performance

Our research shows trading ahead of index changes can lock in additional returns


The Risk of Outliving Your Retirement Savings

Target date funds designed to deliver guaranteed lifetime income

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From the S&P 500 to Gold to Sectors, State Street continues to revolutionize the world of ETFs.

Index Investing

Choosing The Right Manager Matters

Active Quantitative Equity Investing

Only Our Best Ideas Survive the Rigor of Our Analysis

ESG Investing

Make Better Investing Decisions with an ESG Lens

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We partner with many of the world's largest, most sophisticated investors and financial intermediaries to help them reach their goals through a rigorous, research-driven investment process spanning both indexing and active disciplines.