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Strategies & Capabilities

Private Market Investments

Depth of Experience. Breadth of Investing. Focus on Clients.

We invest across alternative asset classes, including real estate, private equity, private credit, infrastructure, natural resources and hedge funds. 

By investing across funds, co-investments and our own directly sourced deals, State Street Global Advisors brings the best of alternative investing to our clients.

Our Expertise

Tailored Solutions

With a select set of clients, our team customizes solutions to each client’s unique situation and needs. We can offer alternative investments as part of a total plan solution (see our OCIO capabilities), as a separate mandate for one or multiple alternative asset classes, or as part of a commingled offering to provide clients with diversified exposures at smaller commitment sizes.

Sponsor’s Mindset

Our team built its alternative investment skills as the in-house team for one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated pension plans. As such, we think like principals and understand the real-world complexities that plan sponsors face every day. Our investment capabilities are now being offered selectively to new partners.

Expertise Across Direct and Fund Investments

For more than 40 years, our team has been investing in directly sourced deals, manager-led co-investments and established third-party funds. Investing across all types of alternatives makes us better investors in each structure. Working with funds provides us insights into industry best practices that we can apply to our own deals. Co-investing alongside funds gives valuable insights into the general partner’s quality and approach.

Leveraging Our Operating Ecosystems

Relying on our distinct history, our team seeks to generate returns primarily through operational improvements. We have an in-depth ecosystem of operating executives to draw upon, spanning sectors from media to aviation to healthcare. From the managers who have led our direct deals and co-investments to our team members’ expansive professional networks, these relationships have helped enhance the value of our investments throughout the years.


Across the 40+ members of our alternatives investment team, we average more than 22 years of experience. Our teams have lived through numerous business cycles, and have experienced numerous successes and challenges. Through this hands-on hard work, we have built the sound judgment that is the bedrock of all investment decisions.


We strive to generate the best after-fee returns for our clients. Our long-term experience has taught us when to pay for specialists and when to execute directly, as well as how to collaborate effectively with operators, fund managers and deal teams.

Direct Access to Investment Professionals

The first step in designing any portfolio is to understand a plan’s requirements and current holdings. Building on the research that our team has done on alternative assets, we have developed a number of Strategic Portfolio Assessment (SPA) tools to analyze sponsor needs and the characteristics of portfolios.

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