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Emerging Market Debt

Emerging Market Debt (EMD) is a rapidly evolving asset class that aims to offer investors diversification benefits, enhanced yield and return potential. The increasing importance of emerging market countries to global trade and GDP elevates the attraction of EMD and we believe it should be an integral part of investor portfolios.

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Our Capabilities

  • Our Emerging Market Debt strategies aim to deliver the performance of all the major EMD benchmark indices through the use of sophisticated investment techniques.
  • Through our long-standing track record, across the full EMD spectrum, we have accumulated deep market insights and expertise of how these markets operate and perform.
  • We manage a variety of funds and ETFs as well as separately managed accounts that track the performance of the established institutional EMD benchmarks, as well as customised versions of these. We have considerable experience partnering with our clients to design the specific EMD exposure and strategy they want, one that is consistent with their own investment objectives and beliefs.

Established Track Records Against Four Key EMD Exposures

EMD Local Currency Sovereigns

EM local currency debt provides investors with yield enhancement and diversification benefits and is increasingly considered an integral part of an investors’ overall asset portfolio.

EMD Hard Currency Sovereigns

EM hard currency debt offers investors a diversified source of yield enhancement for a mixture of investment grade and high yield emerging market sovereigns and is increasingly considered an integral part of an investors’ overall credit portfolio.

Emerging Market Hard Currency Corporate Debt

Hard currency corporate debt is a younger and fast-growing part of the EMD investment universe, offering investors significant diversification benefits and yield enhancement with a lower duration compared to hard currency sovereign debt. Hard currency corporate debt also provides the most diversified exposure in the asset class.

Emerging Market Local Currency Inflation Linked Debt

Inflation-linked EMD offers investors an interesting and complimentary exposure for their fixed income portfolios. Inflation-linked strategies in EMD can provide investors with a form of insurance, or hedge, against both ‘expected’ and ‘unexpected’ inflation and are particularly popular with domestic investors in the major EM markets.

Our Team

Bio Image of David Patrick Furey

David Patrick Furey

Global Head of Portfolio Strategists, Fixed Income, Cash and Currency

Bio Image of Kheng Siang Ng

Kheng Siang Ng, CFA, CAIA

Asia Pacific Head of Fixed Income, Head of SSGA Singapore

Bio Image of Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Head of EMD, Beta Solutions

Bio Image of Lyubka Dushanova

Lyubka Dushanova

Portfolio Strategist - Emerging Market Debt

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