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We've been building and managing some of the world's most successful index funds for 40 years. Our goal? To deliver clear, reliable returns with no surprises or unintended biases, in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our Expertise

From index-change strategies to securities lending and optimized trading, we look to add value in every part of the indexing process.


Optimizing Index-Change Strategies

We aim to add value around index changes, to build returns and minimize wealth erosion. For every index change — from regular rebalances to ad hoc changes — we look to optimize the trading strategy to help ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Crossing to Reduce Costs

We minimize costs by determining the most cost-efficient trading strategy for each occasion. We use the internal State Street crossing network, as well as other trading strategies, to target the best pricing for our clients. Matching our buyers and sellers at the unit level within pooled funds can mean trading at little or no cost. There’s no minimum size for clients to access these benefits.

Building an Optimal Exposure

For us, the best fixed-income indexing starts with building the most cost-effective way to gain the desired exposure. Our team expertly analyzes the required benchmark exposure and breaks it down into its essential components. Once completed, exposure is built from the ground up to deliver the desired profile in the most efficient way.

Harvesting the Primary-Market Premium

Our long-standing trading relationships with book runners give us great access to primary issue allocations. Actively participating in primary-market placements allows us to extract the primary-market premium, harvest additional return and reduce trading costs by benefiting from the deeper liquidity that can exist.

Getting Smart Beta Right

We’re not tied to one specific approach, so when an off-the-shelf, smart-beta index won’t quite work, we can develop totally custom smart-beta indexes for you. Or, our innovative tilting framework can ‘shift’ traditional indices to exactly the right amount of factor tilt that suits your investment aims and parameters, minimizing tracking error or maximizing opportunity.

We Track With Incredible Precision

We work with clients to meet their goals. We strive to track with precision and optimize implementation, while minimizing costs.

Our Offerings


Our clients get access to many hundreds of index strategies, across a broad range of global, regional and country exposures, as well as a truly comprehensive selection of industries, sectors and alternative investments. Our index offerings are available in a range of vehicles and domiciles.

Smart Beta

We can help you with factor guidance or deconstructing your portfolio to assess which factors are contributing return. From bespoke indexes, custom-tilted multifactor approaches, access to commercial products or the very latest ETFs, we can help you leverage the benefits of smart beta in your portfolio.

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Fixed Income

State Street offers the whole fixed-income spectrum, from broad market global aggregate, government and treasury, inflation-linked and government-related to corporate, securitized, emerging market and high-yield.


Our Latest Thinking

Innovation in Indexing

See how our research and innovation helps us deliver the best investment service and performance improvements for our clients.

Meet the Team

Lynn Blake

CIO of Global Equity Beta Solutions

“We don’t want to rest on our laurels. We’re always thinking: What’s next? What can we do better? What will help our clients get where they need to be?”

Venky Venkataramani

Global Head of Fixed Income Beta Solutions

“The fixed income market is different. Every bond is unique and you don’t have the transparency of the equity markets. This is why our broad global reach and deep trading relationships are so critical to delivering the index effectively.”


Mike Feehily

Head of Global Equity Beta Solutions in the Americas

“Our portfolio managers are trading daily in markets across the globe.They have a deep understanding of what it should cost to trade in every market, what vehicles they can use, and what market restrictions they have to be mindful about. Their skill and experience are key drivers of the indexing value we provide.”