Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG: A New Dimension in Investing

Whether clients want to manage risk, align investments to their values, or pursue more sustainable performance, we rigorously assess environmental, social and governance issues to inform better decision making.

Our Approach to ESG Investing

We believe assessing material ESG issues has the power to enrich traditional financial research as part of the investment process.

Data Analytics

We built a transparent, multi-source data architecture to help investors better understand their ESG exposures, take action to achieve their investment goals and monitor results.

Better ESG Reporting

Differentiated Solutions

We are focused on designing the next generation of exclusionary, best-in-class and thematic solutions as well as integrating ESG into our investment processes.

Asset Stewardship

Using our voice & vote to encourage portfolio companies to take material ESG issues like effective board leadership and climate change seriously.

Our guidance on a key component of good corporate governance and long-term value creation.

Insights into how businesses are navigating a changing industry and regulatory landscape.

Highlights of our work to promote long-term sustainable returns.

Our Commitment to ESG

We launched our first ESG mandate in 1985 and were pioneers in low-carbon investing. Today, with a presence in Boston, London, Krakow, Bangalore and Tokyo, our dedicated ESG team brings expertise in ESG research, investment strategy, asset stewardship and data analytics to every investment challenge.

Financial Times Future of Asset Management Summit

Our CEO, Cyrus Taraporevala discusses the importance of ESG in the future of asset management.

To learn more about our ESG Solutions please contact your Relationship Manager.

The returns on a portfolio of securities which exclude companies that do not meet the portfolio's specified ESG criteria may trail the returns on a portfolio of securities which include such companies. A portfolio's ESG criteria may result in the portfolio investing in industry sectors or securities which underperform the market as a whole.