Access Quality Global, European and US Dividends With an ESG Overlay With the New SPDR Dividend Aristocrats ESG ETFs.

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SPDR Dividend Aristocrats (ESG) ETFs

Implement Income Strategies with SPDR Dividend Aristocrats now including ESG strategies.

Dividend investing requires more than just yield—quality matters, too.

  • The SPDR Dividend Aristocrats ETFs source quality yield by focusing on companies with a long, consistent history of paying dividends. Additional filters, such as maximum payout ratio, help to further ensure that the companies in the Dividend Aristocrats are of the highest order.
  • With the new SPDR Dividend Aristocrat ESG ETF range, you can also add an ESG exclusion strategy to the Global, European and US exposures which introduces an additional layer of sustainability to these funds. 


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A Proven Methodology - Rigorous and Transparent

The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, recognised the link between quality and dividend history. At SPDR, our methodology for quality accounts for the past and looks to the future, and it’s also supported by empirical, long-term research. Investors can also generate dividend yield through selecting companies with sound fundamentals.

One of the most persuasive tests of high quality is an uninterrupted record of dividend payments going back many years.

Benjamin Graham

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