ETF Model Portfolios

State Street Target Income ETF Model Portfolio

Seeks to provide a target level of income, that is determined on an annual basis, using State Street’s strategic asset allocation process to drive income generation across a diversified base of asset classes.

Rebalancing Frequency


Key Facts

  • Multi-Asset,  open architecture and global asset allocation to diversify sources of income
  • Employs strategic asset allocation framework to generate target level of income 
  • Cost efficient through the use of Exchange Traded Funds as the underlying investment vehicle
  • Portfolio distribution frequency is subject to underlying ETF distribution frequency and third party platform provider distribution capabilities 

Explore the Portfolio – Hypothetical Model Portfolio Allocations

Source: State Street Global Advisors as at 30 June 2021

Model Portfolio Allocations presented above are hypothetical and have been provided for illustrative purposes only. They do not reflect the results of the actual trading of any account or group of accounts and actual results could differ substantially.

A model portfolio is an allocation to a list of funds that are group together. Where a model portfolio is offered on an investment platform, investors who select it effectively instruct the platform operator to acquire units in the ETFs that comprise the model portfolio. The model portfolio described above has not yet been implemented by State Street, so the results are hypothetical.

The actual results of accounts managed by the Platform or Managed Accounts provider (“Provider”) that  receives access to the models may differ substantially from the hypothetical results for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the Provider’s decision to exercise its discretion to implement a model in a way that differs from the information provided by State Street.

State Street cannot guarantee any payment of dividends, which is subject to the dividend payment policy of the individual issuers of the underlying ETFs and the Provider.

Model Portfolio Allocations shown are the “target” asset allocations used in the hypothetical State Street Target Income ETF Model Portfolio. The model portfolio “target” allocations will be reviewed every 12 months and reset on the last business day of June each year, using State Street’s strategic asset allocation process, and will be subject to change with market movements thereafter until the next calendar rebalancing.

Equity asset classes include, but are not limited to, Australian equity, international equity and REITs. Fixed income asset classes include, but are not limited to, investment grade bonds, high yield bonds, convertible bonds, emerging market debt, inflation protected bonds and cash.

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