Average Multi Asset Management Costs (p.a.)




Australian Investment Trust Average Multisector Management Cost (p.a.)

Australian ETF Trust Average Multisector Management Cost (p.a.)

State Street ETF Model Portfolios Average Weighted Average Management Cost (p.a.)

Source: State Street Global Advisors, Morningstar Direct, as at 1 November 2023. Calculations by State Street Global Advisors. Based on max management fee for Australian listed ETFs and Australian domiciled open-end mutual funds across the Multisector Morningstar Category.

For the State Street ETF Model Portfolios, Weighted Average Management Costs is the weighted average management costs of the underlying individual ETF's included in the model portfolios. Please note:

  • The ETF management fees are as of 1 November 2023, the asset allocation in line with the annual review is 30 June 2023. ETF fees are subject to change.
  • Such fees are not inclusive of third party platform or managed accounts provider administration or associated trading costs.
  • Weighted Average Management Cost is subject to change with Asset Allocation, and market movements.