Who We Serve



As one of the world’s largest asset managers, we’ve helped sophisticated clients around the globe solve their biggest investment challenges—and we bring that expertise to every institutional client relationship.

Capabilities That Fit Your Needs

  • Our institutional clients included defined benefit plan sponsors, pensions, foundations, endowments and non-profit organizations.
  • From liability-driven investing, to liquidity overlay solutions, to innovative approaches like Smart Beta* and Tail-risk** mitigation strategies, we offer a full spectrum of customizable investment approaches.
  • Dedicated relationship management team that gets to know your business and customizes solutions to match.

Global Investing Power

  • Access to every major asset class, capitalization range and style across the index and active spectrums.
  • Execution in more than 80 markets and access to international broker pool, half of which are outside of the U.S.
  • Deep local insights from more than 400 global investment professionals in 26 local offices.
  • More than $40.29 billion*** under management for institutional clients.


*Smart Beta - Smart beta defines a set of investment strategies that emphasize the use of alternative index construction rules to traditional market capitalization based indices.

**Tail-risk - The risk of negative, adverse events.

***Assets under management were $2.4 trillion as of September 30, 2016. AUM reflects approximately $40.29 billion (as of September 30, 2016) with respect to which State Street Global Markets, LLC (SSGM) serves as marketing agent; SSGM and State Street Global Advisors are affiliated.

Latest Thinking

Active Reimagined

IQ explores ideas to add value beyond traditional notions of alpha, across multiple dimensions of the investment life cycle.