From Big to All

State Street Global Advisors has brought a disciplined approach to the design and management of our institutional target date funds since 2005. In 2014, we applied the sophistication of our target date solution to a mutual fund suite. Now, we are excited to celebrate the five year anniversary of moving from institutional to everyone.

From DC Advisors Leadership

Gregory Porteous, Head of  DC Intermediary Strategy, and Heather Bailey, Senior Retirement Director, talk about State Street’s DC history and thriving DC Advisors practice, bringing products, like the target date mutual fund series, to everyone. 

Strategy & Performance Overview

Target Date Mutual Fund Strategy

Our target date mutual funds follow our institutional glidepath, delivering investment elegance and investor ease.

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Q3 Target Date Mutual Fund Strategy Performance Highlights

Our 3Q 2019 target date mutual fund performance ranks above average.

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