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Defined Contribution

Independent Fiduciary Services

In an era of increasing complexity surrounding fiduciary responsibility, we can help by providing independent expertise and acting solely in the interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries.

DC Is In Our DNA

Our Expertise

Let State Street assist you in fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities by putting our experience to work for you.

Our Services

  • Fiduciary oversight of employer stock
  • Sun-setting employer stock funds
  • Insurance provider selection for annuitizing defined benefit plans (in accordance with the Department of Labor’s Interpretive Bulletin 95-1)
  • In-kind contributions to defined benefit plans
  • Proxy voting and other corporate actions
  • Liquidity management & trade execution

Our Strategies

  • Navigating the regulatory environment
  • Coordinating provider relationships (including recordkeepers and custodians)
  • Facilitating administrative reporting to plan sponsors
  •  Assisting with employee communications
  • Offering insight into key investment and policy issues facing people and plans

Contact us for more information on  how we can support your business.