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The Future Is Female: Women and Investing

The Female Investor – A Driving Force

The numbers are eye-opening:

  • Approximately 40% of US working women now out-earn their husbands.1
  • By 2020, women will control $22 trillion of wealth in the US2
  • Almost 60% of women in the US are solely responsible for making investment decisions.3

As women’s contributions to household income have increased, so has their authority to decide how to save and invest. And yet, despite a mass of data pointing to the growing influence of female investors, too many still feel misunderstood. This suggests that only a limited number of advisers are proactively addressing their needs.

Not a Niche

The female investor is not a niche market; she is an underserved client segment who is simply seeking a comprehensive financial experience –one that empowers her to make wealth management decisions confidently and feel that she has a collaborative partner in her advisor.

Women approach money differently than men, so one size won’t fit all. Successfully addressing this underserved investor could be the biggest opportunity for today’s advisors. But it also requires rethinking the client experience and adjusting your service model.

In Closing the Gender Gap of Advice, we take a comprehensive look at women's investment attitudes and behaviors, and explore how advisors can turn these into actionable insights to better attract and retain female investors.

Engage With Your Clients

Empower the Female Investor

Overcome experience gaps and explore six practical ways to empower the female investor to grow into her full potential.

Five Healthy Habits

These five healthy habits can improve a female’s investing experience and help them reach their full investing potential.

Seven Myths Debunked

Serve female investors better by breaking down stereotypes and understanding the real factors.