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2024 ETF Impact Survey

Gain new insight into the ETF market and what’s on the minds of investors, from State Street Global Advisors’ survey of US wealth managers and investors worldwide.

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Did you know? 68% of US financial advisors are optimistic about the global economy — but only 28% of advised investors share the sentiment.1

Advisor and Investor Sentiments Vary

US financial advisors are much more optimistic about the global economy than investors. 68% are optimistic about the global economic outlook — significantly higher than advised investors at 28%.

Why might this be?

Advisors out of Sync With Client Concerns

Advisors underestimate their clients’ level of concern about 2024 election outcomes and geopolitical instability — and overestimate clients’ level of concern about interest rate fluctuations and recession risks. Inflation is the only economic driver that advisors and clients are similarly concerned about.

How do these concerns impact advisors’ strategic allocation recommendations?

Advisors Predict Strong US Equity Performance

More than half of US advisors are bullish about S&P 500® returns in 2024; only 5% are bearish. And advisors who are bullish think the S&P 500 will be up 15%, on average.

With such strong predictions about S&P 500 performance, do advisors think the index is a good proxy for the US economy and benchmark for clients’ investments?

ETF Adoption Continues to Climb

ETFs are gaining popularity among investors. And the fact that 70% of surveyed advisors heavily recommend ETFs (always or often) could be a reason why.

What are the top reasons advisors are recommending ETFs to their clients? Cost? Diversification? Liquidity? Or are there other reasons?

Performance Is Top Criterion for ETF Recommenders

When recommending ETFs with the same or similar exposure, 25% of advisors say the best track record/performance is the most important decision criterion. 50% or more also rate lowest expense ratio and highest liquidity in the top three.

What other criteria did ETF recommenders rank as important?

Heavy ETF Recommenders Report Higher Client Satisfaction

Significantly more heavy ETF recommenders* think their clients are satisfied with their portfolio performance than light ETF recommenders^ do.

And individual investor survey results support advisors’ beliefs about their clients’ satisfaction — surveyed investors who own ETFs say that ETFs improve their portfolio performance and help make them better investors.

Unlock Even More Survey Insights

Our 2024 ETF Impact Survey Results reveal what’s on the minds of ETF investors globally — from individual investors to advisors and institutions — and is jam-packed with insights on:

And much more! Dig into the survey findings today.

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About the Survey

State Street Global Advisors, in partnership with field partners A2Bplanning and Prodege, conducted an online study in April 2024 among individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional investors to assess investor sentiments, investment portfolio trends, the impact of ETFs on portfolio contruction, and more.

This survey further builds on research conducted with individual investors in November and December of 2022. For the 2024 ETF Impact Survey, State Street Global Advisors expanded the scope to include institutional investors from various countries, as well as US financial advisors.

Data was collected between April 1-25, 2024 from the following: