Get In and Out with Liquid ETFs

Known for their tradability, exchange traded funds (ETFs) allow investors to get in or out of the market to express their views—no matter the environment. Setting records in trading volume and inflows, investors turned to ETFs—including the liquidity leader State Street SPDR ETFs—for liquidity, price discovery and market access in 2020.1

Why Liquidity Matters

Liquidity impacts trading costs and execution speed, and it is often misunderstood as being important only when volatility hits. But because liquidity helps ensure consistent bid-ask spreads and flexible trading, it is essential in all markets.

Invest with the Liquidity Leader

We launched the first US-listed exchange traded fund in 1993. Today, our suite of innovative and cost-effective ETFs represents 35.8% of the ETF industry’s annual trading volume ($17.3 Trillion) – $133 billion more than Vanguard and BlackRock combined – making State Street SPDR ETFs the secondary market leader.2

1 As measured by 2020 full-year trading volume of $32 trillion and full-year ETF flows of $505 billion. Gross primary market activity is the summation of the gross flows, the absolute value of creations and redemptions, into each fund every day in 2020. Bloomberg Finance L.P., as of December 31, 2020 based on State Street Global Advisors SPDR ETFs calculations.

2 Bloomberg Finance, L.P., as of 06/30/2021, calculations per SPDR Americas Research.