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Investment Ideas

Five Ideas for Your Core Portfolio

Target Specific Investment Goals

With access to 22 low-cost SPDR® Portfolio ETFs™ spanning fixed income, domestic and international equities, it's easy to tilt your core toward your unique investment objectives:

Improve Diversification

Gain transparent and cost efficient access to all corners of the world.

Manage Risk and Return

Tailor portfolios to risk and return expectations.

Seek Income

Adjust allocations based on income expectations.

Based on our Investment Solutions Group's targeted long-term strategic asset allocation framework and models, these illustrative examples show ideas on how to build low-cost core portfolios that can be tailored to meet risk and return objectives.


This portfolio seeks to:

  • Generate current income
  • Preserve capital
  • Preserve purchasing power (with some consideration for capital growth)

Weighted Average Cost (Basis Points): 3.9


This portfolio seeks to:

  • Generate current income
  • Preserve capital
  • Achieve some long-term capital growth

Weighted Average Cost (Basis Points): 3.8


This portfolio seeks to:

  • Balance dual objectives of long-term capital growth and high current income
  • Emphasize capital appreciation

Weighted Average Cost (Basis Points): 3.7


This portfolio seeks to:

  • Achieve capital growth with emphasis on capital appreciation
  • Generate some current income

Weighted Average Cost (Basis Points): 3.6


This portfolio seeks to:

  • Grow capital with higher allocation to small-cap equities, international equities
  • Achieve growth over a long term investment horizon

Weighted Average Cost (Basis Points): 3.5

How to Invest

View Our Low-Cost ETFs

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Four Principles of Core Construction

An effective core may differ from one investor to the next, but four construction principles apply to all.

Model Portfolios

Leave the asset allocation to us! SPDR ETFs have ready-made portfolios that include our low-cost range.