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Think Gold Can’t Perform? Think Again. Get the Performance of Gold with Low-Cost GLDM

2020 was a banner year for gold – maintaining historically low correlation to equities while delivering impressive returns.1 As investor focus now shifts to economic recovery, gold may play a key role for growing inflationary risks on the heels of stimulus and global “reopening.”

GLDM: Access physical gold for just 18 basis points

GLDM at a Glance

SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM) launched in June 2018 to serve as a low-cost core holding in portfolios, and today is the third largest gold-backed ETF in the US.

GLDM offers the potential benefits of a long-term, strategic allocation to gold for less. With an expense ratio of just 18 basis points, GLDM offers investors a lower share price and lower holding costs.

For more information on GLDM, you can view the fund details or download the factsheet.