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Why Bond ETFs?

Diversification and Liquidity

ETFs offer exposure to multiple bonds in a single trade. And their robust liquidity means you can trade them faster and more cost-efficiently than single-CUSIP bonds.

Precise Exposure to Match Goals

Bond ETFs range from investment-grade credit and crossover debt to high yield and senior loans. So it’s easy to tailor portfolios to match your market views and goals.

Low costs

Bond ETFs cost 60% less on average than their mutual fund peers.1

Explore SPDR Bond ETFs

Across regions and sectors, we bring a distinctive mix of market knowledge, product expertise, and scale to our suite of SPDR Bond ETFs.

Benefits of Bond ETFs

Fixed Income Case Study

Discover why one advisory firm believes this is a pivotal moment for fixed income investors — learn how they’re using bond ETFs to deliver liquid access to otherwise highly illiquid bond markets.

Bond Market Insights

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Bond Investing Expertise

SPDR Bond ETFs are powered by the same institutional expertise and resources that make us one of the world’s leading fixed income managers.