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State Street Active Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios

Key Facts

  • Seeks to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle
  • Focuses on identifying opportunities in the global capital markets
  • 15-year track record (inception date: 11/01/08)


Seeks to capitalize on short-and long-term mispricing in the global equity and fixed income markets by overweighting asset classes that appear attractive and underweighting less attractive asset classes. Among these risk-based portfolios, the more conservative model portfolios are designed to focus on capital preservation, with some consideration given to growth of capital. The more aggressive model portfolios are primarily focused on growth of capital.

Rebalance Frequency

12-20 times per year

Pick Your Portfolio

Six tactical portfolios span the efficient frontier and can be used to target a variety of return and risk objectives. Find the one that’s right for you.

Current holdings can be found in the Target Allocations file under Quick Links.

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