Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG Is All About Better Decision-Making

For us, ESG investing is the assessment of material environmental, social and governance issues during the investment process to complement traditional research like analyzing financial statements, industry trends, and company growth strategies.

These material ESG issues matter to a wide range of clients trying to improve their investment decision making – from those seeking to better manage risk to those investing for impact to those focused on driving long-term performance.

Our Approach

The Asset Stewardship

Using our voice and vote to encourage portfolio companies to take ESG risks seriously, as we did with Fearless Girl on gender diversity and other issues like climate.

Data Scoring

We built a transparent, multi-source data architecture that helps clients understand how ESG materiality affects performance. 

Investment Solutions That Integrate ESG

Designing solutions to help clients invest in companies adapting to ESG factors to acheive their desired asd investment outcomes.

Our Insights

Featured Insight

ESG at the Tipping Point 

Our latest survey, Into The Mainstream, gives deep insights into how over 300 global investors are implementing ESG strategies into their portfolios and the challenges they face.

Discover what is pushing investors towards ESG, how they’re engaging and what’s holding them back.

Our Commitment

A leader in ESG investing for 30+ years, today we are integrating ESG into all of our investment processes and have a full suite of ESG capabilities.


Years of ESG Leadership


Assets managed by team 1

$359 B

First ESG Mandate


Long -Term Performance


Multiple Data Sources


Investment Choices

Research shows that ESG factors can impact a company’s long-term performance.

We are committed to the full integration of material ESG factors into our investment processes.

Accurately measuring material ESG factors requires access to quality data from multiple sources.

We practice asset stewardship by actively using our voice and vote to engage with portfolio companies on material ESG factors.

We provide investors choices to invest based on their own values and preferences.

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1State street Global Advisor. In addition, SSGA manages $59 billion in ESG integration (implementing no other ESG investment styles) for investment teams that include ESG factors in investment analysis to drive alpha.