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Reinventing Retirement

With this edition of The Participant, we are a debuting a new stylistic approach to the magazine, signaling how we see differently. By featuring a young saver on our cover, we’re reinforcing our mission of empowering Americans to retire with dignity. To achieve this objective, our point of view has to extend decades into the future. Focusing on today’s market, or even applying a 10-year lens, is simply too short sighted: We have to be futurists.

That is why at State Street, we are endeavoring to reinvent retirement by following the lead of the individual and challenging the processes long held by institutions. When it comes to the participant, we are mindful of evolving lifestyles, life spans and approaches to work — changes that are often seamlessly supported by technology.

To that end, we’ve researched and written articles on topics that we believe will be helpful in extending employers’ perspectives.

Within this edition, we explore technology’s role in retirement, with input from PensionBee, the UK digital application that allows users to centralize retirement savings and manage them within an online experience. In other departments, we examine individual investors’ biases and gain insights from other financial experiences, specifically, taxes. Aligned with our long-standing legislative activism on issues addressing access and coverage, we look at how policy has catalyzed retirement advances and what we can expect for the future. We also posit what the clearest gauges may be for large-scale ESG adoption, and what indicators sponsors should watch.

We hope the ideas presented paint a portrait of a fresh retirement future, reinvented from multiple angles, reimagined for multiple stakeholders.

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