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Midyear 2023 Global Market Outlook

In our Midyear 2023 Global Market Outlook, we expand on the factors shaping our economic and asset class views, anchoring our themes on key topics for investors.

Enjoy the replay of our midyear update webinar from June 7, 2023. Listen here.

Global Market Outlook
gmo 2023

Navigating a Bumpy Landing

Across the world, 2022 has been an incredibly challenging year. Global economies are grappling with inflation, central bank tightening, and expectations of lower economic growth — each of which signals caution for investors. Looking to 2023, we expect market uncertainty and volatility to persist for some time, leading to a bumpy journey ahead with a wide range of possible outcomes.


Investment Themes

Quick Take

Global Chief Investment Officer, Lori Heinel, CFA discusses our market outlook and what investors should be prepared for in 2023.

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Meet the Authors

Bio Image of Matthew J Bartolini

Matthew J Bartolini, CFA, CAIA

Head of SPDR Americas Research

Bio Image of William A Goldthwait

William A Goldthwait

Portfolio Strategist

Bio Image of Elliot Hentov

Elliot Hentov, Ph.D.

Head of Macro Policy Research

Bio Image of Aaron R Hurd

Aaron R Hurd, FRM

Senior Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Kishore L Karunakaran

Kishore L Karunakaran

Global Head of Portfolio Strategy, AQE

Bio Image of Simona M Mocuta

Simona M Mocuta

Chief Economist

Bio Image of Matthew Nest

Matthew Nest, CFA

Head of Active Global Fixed Income

Bio Image of Laura A. Ostrander

Laura A. Ostrander

Emerging Markets Macro Strategist and Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Hélène Veltman

Hélène Veltman, Ph.D.

Senior Strategist / Investment Strategy & Research

About the Outlook

As investment challenges grow more complex, State Street’s Global Market Outlook was created to alert investors to portfolio risks and opportunities in the coming year, based on the research of our investment teams. Research on near-term and longer-term market issues is at the heart of who we are as investors. It drives the kinds of outcome-oriented portfolios we create for clients, drawing on the full range of our indexed and active solutions, as well as our asset allocation expertise.

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