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Fixed Income

Objective Thinking Yields Innovative Solutions

We are well equipped to address the most complex challenges in fixed income. Across all strategies, sectors and regions, investors rely on us to deliver objective thinking, innovative solutions, quantitative rigor and precise execution.

Our Expertise

$904 Bn Total Fixed Income AUM

Source: BIG (Fund View), State Street Global Advisors, as of September 30, 2020

All calculations are unaudited. Figures provided in USD.
Currency AUM does not include AUM for currency hedged portfolios managed by Fixed Income & Cash teams to avoid double counting.

Data as of September 30, 2020

Why Investors Choose Us?

Objective Thinking

We bring multiple perspectives  —  spanning indexing, active, factor-based, currency and cash management  —  and the resources of the world’s third-largest asset manager to bear for every client.

Innovative Solutions

Precise Execution

Solving Complex Challenges

Investors, governments and other market participants rely on us to bring new perspectives and innovative solutions to fixed income’s greatest challenges.







Important Disclosure: ETFs managed by State Street Global Advisors have the oldest inception dates within the US, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. State Street Global Advisors launched the first ETF in the US on January 22, 1993; launched the first ETF in Hong Kong on November 11, 1999; launched the first ETF in Australia on August 24, 2001; and launched the first ETF in Singapore on April 11, 2002.

Our Team

We have more than 140 dedicated fixed income professionals globally. Each of our strategies is backed by teams focused on quantitative analysis, trading, investment and liquidity risk, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration.

Matthew J Steinaway, CFA

CIO, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Cash

James Binny

Global Head Currency & Head of Investments Ireland

Pia N McCusker

Global Head of Cash Management

Matthew Nest, CFA

Global Head of Macro Strategies

Stephen Richard Yeats, CFA

Global Head of Fixed Income Beta Solutions / UK Head of Investment

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