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Strategies & Capabilities

Fixed Income Innovation Starts at the Core

We develop innovative, efficient solutions that expand the possibilities of what investors can achieve with a strong core fixed income portfolio.

Our Expertise

Since 1978, we’ve been delivering highly transparent and reliable fixed income outcomes for clients.*

*Source: State Street Global Advisors as of December 31, 2023.


Precise Exposures

As an indexing pioneer with a broad suite of capabilities, we build tailored solutions for exacting client objectives from our expansive suite of transparent, reliable building blocks.

Expertise Across the Spectrum

We have forged a deep understanding of all aspects of the fragmented, evolving fixed income market—unlocking new ways to add value for clients across the risk and liquidity spectrums.

Cutting-edge execution

Our highly sophisticated approach to portfolio construction and liquidity management capitalizes on advances in fixed income markets and unlocks value for our clients.

Investment Styles, Solutions, & Strategies

Our breadth, scale and unrivaled insight into global fixed income markets equip us to efficiently build exposures across sectors, styles, and regions.


Drawing on fundamental and quantitative inputs our active fixed income team focuses on delivering risk-controlled outcomes tailored to client objectives.

Fixed Income Solutions

Leveraging our quantitative rigor, implementation expertise and unparalleled market knowledge, we deliver precise, transparent exposures that are tailored to clients’ exacting objectives, including liquidity management, de-risking, buy & maintain, and growth.

Fixed Income Strategies

State Street Global Advisors’ fixed income solutions run the full gamut of the world’s fixed income opportunities and are designed to meet the varied objectives of our clients across geographic, duration, and credit-risk dimensions. This is not an all-inclusive list of strategies that may be offered. Please reach out to State Street Global Advisors’ fixed income investment strategists to learn how we can assist with your fixed income portfolio.

Our Latest Thinking

Our Team

With specialists in the sectors and regions that matter to our clients, we deliver local knowledge on a global scale. Our deeply resourced teams of portfolio managers, traders and analysts are committed to helping clients navigate complexity across the fixed income spectrum.

Bio Image of Matthew J Steinaway

Matthew J Steinaway, CFA

CIO, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Cash

Bio Image of Matthew Nest

Matthew Nest, CFA

Global Head of Active Fixed Income

Bio Image of Stephen Richard Yeats

Stephen Richard Yeats, CFA

Global Head of Fixed Income Beta Solutions / UK Head of Investment

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To learn more about our perspectives on the trends shaping fixed income markets, contact us.