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Asset Stewardship

Proxy Voting Choice Empowers Investors

The State Street Global Advisors proxy voting choice program empowers clients, including those who own eligible ETFs and mutual funds, to direct the proxy voting of shares owned by the eligible funds in which they are invested.

Why Voting Choice

The Power to Choose 

We believe all investors deserve the opportunity to build investment portfolios matched to their goals and preferences.

That’s why we’ve given clients the power to choose — to select the voting policy that directs the proxy votes of shares owned by the eligible funds in which they are invested.

Investors want to express their voting preferences with respect to their investments. Clients in segregated mandates already had the ability to do so. Now, technology makes it possible for investors in pooled/commingled funds to direct how shares are voted. We’re excited about what that means for the future.

"As the pioneering force behind many of the world’s first ETFs, we are proud to present yet another innovation that amplifies our ongoing mission to democratize investing. By empowering individuals with greater choice to direct how their shares are voted, we are placing a powerful tool directly in their hands."

- Yie-Hsin Hung, President and CEO, State Street Global Advisors

About the Program

Proxy Voting Choice At a Glance

Our proxy voting choice program covers 80% of the eligible index equity assets we manage, including all US institutional index equity funds and a broad range of US index equity SPDR® ETFs and mutual funds.

Asset Stewardship

How the Program Works

Eligible clients can exercise choice in one of two ways:

  1. Clients who opt in can choose the voting policy that best aligns to their views.
    This option gives clients the ability to direct the votes of shares held by the eligible funds in which they are invested, by selecting a voting policy offered as part of the program that are made available through Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a recognized independent proxy voting provider.
  2. Clients can continue to rely on State Street Global Advisors to vote their shares.
    By choosing not to opt into the proxy voting choice program, clients will continue to have State Street Global Advisors’ Asset Stewardship team vote the shares held by the funds in which they are invested.

Voting Policy Options Available Through ISS

ISS Benchmark Policy

Guidelines based on ISS’ Global Voting Principles, which provide for four key tenets on accountability, stewardship, independence, and transparency. Learn more.

ISS Sustainability Policy

Seeks to promote support for recognized global governing bodies promoting sustainable business practices advocating for stewardship of environment, fair labor practices, non-discrimination, and the protection of human rights. Learn more.

ISS Socially Responsible Investment Policy

Consistent with the dual objectives of socially responsible shareholders — financial and social, the policy reflects a broad consensus of the SRI community and incorporates the assumption that ESG factors could present material risks to portfolio investments. Learn more.

ISS Catholic Faith-Based Policy

Based on guidelines for Catholic and other Christian religious institutions that are consistent with the objectives of socially responsible shareholders as well as the teachings of Catholicism and Christianity as a whole. Learn more.

ISS Public Fund Policy

Designed to help ensure that public funds fulfill all statutory and common law obligations governing proxy voting, with the intent of maximizing the long term economic benefits of its plan participants, beneficiaries, and citizens of the state in which the fund resides. Learn more.

ISS Taft-Hartley Policy

Based on the AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines, which comply with all the fiduciary standards delineated by the US Department of Labor. Learn more.

ISS Global Board Aligned Policy (For US funds only)

Focuses on promoting traditional corporate governance standards and best practices. Generally aligned with management on environmental and social matters. Learn more.

Vote with Company Board Recommendation Policy (For US funds only)

This option votes in accordance with the portfolio company’s board of directors recommendation in all cases where a portfolio company’s board of directors recommendation exists. In the absence of a recommendation from the portfolio company’s board of directors on a specific proposal, an ABSTAIN vote will be cast. This policy has been developed by ISS for use solely in State Street Global Advisors’ proxy voting choice program. Learn more.

Asset Stewardship

A Commitment to Maximizing Long-Term Value

By choosing not to opt into the proxy voting choice program, investors in eligible funds can continue to have State Street Global Advisors’ Asset Stewardship team vote the shares held by the funds in which they are invested.

Committed to maximizing long-term shareholder value, the Asset Stewardship team takes proxy voting and the stewardship of assets seriously.


For More Information?

Professional investors can contact their State Street representative.

Individual investors can contact their investment advisor, broker, or custodian.

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