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Build a Low-Cost Core Portfolio with SPDR ETFs

Investors are using low-cost core ETFs to build efficient portfolios that are designed to achieve a variety of investment objectives across the risk spectrum.

Get More for Less

Core ETFs for as little as 3 basis points

Spanning US and international equity and fixed income, SPDR® Portfolio ETFs™ have an average expense ratio of just 5 basis points, 94% lower than the average US-listed mutual fund.1 So, whether you seek to generate income, manage risk or grow capital, our 22 low-cost building blocks make it easy to construct a diversified core — for less.

Why ETFs for the Core

ETFs may be an ideal core holding because they offer:

  • Diversification ETFs usually track an index, so investors can get a basket of holdings in one trade
  • Low cost ETFs generally have lower fees than mutual funds2
  • Liquidity ETFs trade daily on exchange, and have multiple layers of liquidity through the unique creation/redemption mechanism, enabling investors to trade whenever the market is open
  • Transparency Investors can see the exact holdings in an ETF on a daily basis
  • Tax efficiency Just 8.4% of indexed equity and fixed income ETFs paid cap gains in 2021, versus 69.4% of active mutual funds in the same category3

Our Solutions

Built with Purpose

As the creator of the world’s first ETFs,4 we believe in their power to provide investors low-cost, tax-efficient, transparent tools for asset allocation, one of the leading drivers of portfolio returns.5 This belief drives our approach to low-cost core investing. Designed to deliver what matters to investors, SPDR Portfolio ETFs offer:

Low Cost

SPDR Portfolio ETFs are diversified and tax-efficient equity and fixed income funds, available from as little as 3 basis points, with an average cost of 6 basis points.


We collaborate with capital markets participants and a diverse set of investors to pursue robust liquidity and tight trading spreads in all market environments.

Share Price

We thoughtfully set the share price for each fund as part of our effort to minimize total cost of ownership and make it easy for investors to build comprehensive portfolios.

Benchmark Selection

Our low-cost core ETFs give investors exposure to indices managed by S&P, Bloomberg and other well-known index providers. Building our suite around these index families reduces the chance that investors will have overlapping exposures in their portfolios.

Backed by an ETF and Indexing Leader

Our continued innovation in ETFs is driven by our commitment to delivering low-cost, efficient solutions for investors and our more than 40 years of indexing experience.