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Build a Low-Cost Core Portfolio with SPDR ETFs

Investors are using low-cost core ETFs to build efficient portfolios that are designed to achieve a variety of investment objectives across the risk spectrum.

Get More for Less

Core ETFs for as little as 3 basis points

Spanning US and international equity and fixed income, SPDR® Portfolio ETFs™ have an average expense ratio of just 5 basis points, 94% lower than the average US-listed mutual fund.1 So, whether you seek to generate income, manage risk or grow capital, our 22 low-cost building blocks make it easy to construct a diversified core — for less.

Why ETFs for the Core

ETFs may be an ideal core holding because they offer:

  • Diversification ETFs usually track an index, so investors can get a basket of holdings in one trade
  • Low cost ETFs generally have lower fees than mutual funds2
  • Liquidity ETFs trade daily on exchange, and have multiple layers of liquidity through the unique creation/redemption mechanism, enabling investors to trade whenever the market is open
  • Transparency Investors can see the exact holdings in an ETF on a daily basis
  • Tax efficiency Just 8.4% of indexed equity and fixed income ETFs paid cap gains in 2021, versus 69.4% of active mutual funds in the same category3

Built with Purpose

As the creator of the world’s first ETFs,4 we believe in their power to provide investors low-cost, tax-efficient, transparent tools for asset allocation, one of the leading drivers of portfolio returns.5 This belief drives our approach to low-cost core investing. Designed to deliver what matters to investors, SPDR Portfolio ETFs offer:

Low Cost


Share Price

Benchmark Selection

Backed by an ETF and Indexing Leader

Our continued innovation in ETFs is driven by our commitment to delivering low-cost, efficient solutions for investors and our more than 40 years of indexing experience.