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Investment Capabilities

SPDR® ETFs for Insurance Asset Management Using ETFs in Insurance General Accounts

State Street SPDR ETFs provide a cost-effective, liquid, and transparent way for insurers to construct portfolios and capitalize on current opportunities.

We offer 25+ National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) designated ETFs and S&P-rated SPDR ETFs, backed by a team of dedicated insurance asset management specialists who offer a distinctive mix of market knowledge, product expertise, and industry experience.

ETF Insights for Insurers

SPDR Solutions

View NAIC-designated and S&P-rated SPDR ETFs

Cash Flow Reports

Systematic Valuation Aggregated Cash Flow Reports

Access daily and monthly systematic valuation calculation information for SPDR Fixed Income ETFs.


For more information, including access to historical ACF files, contact the SPDR ETF Insurance Sales Team.