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Getting Started

Find the resources you need for opening a new account or managing an existing account. 

Account Application

Complete and submit an account application form by mail or fax. If you have any questions, call 877-521-4083 or contact us. Our client service team is available to answer any questions you have and to help you with the account set up process.

Trade Instructions

To directly purchase, trade or sell SSGA money market funds, you must first open an SSGA account. You may provide trade instructions via fax or register to trade online via our Global Cash Client Access tool.

How to Purchase Shares

How to Redeem Shares

Trading Deadline

Fund Name
SSIT Liquid Reserves Fund* FNAV strike times 8 am, 12 pm & 3 pm
SSIT US Government Money Market Fund 5:00 pm
SSIT Treasury Money Market Fund 2:30 pm
SSIT Treasury Plus Money Market Fund 5:00 pm

* The Institutional Liquid Reserves Fund’s trading hours are 8AM–3PM. NAVs strike at 8AM, 12PM and 3PM. Any trades placed after 3PM will be entered for the next day’s 8AM strike time.

On Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day, you will not be able to purchase shares by wiring Federal Funds because the Federal Funds wiring does not occur on those days. Payment for fund shares must be in Federal Funds (or converted to Federal Funds by the Transfer Agent) by the close of the Federal Reserve. You will not be able to redeem shares from the account until the original Application has been received. The Funds and the Fund’s agents are not responsible for transfer errors by the sending or receiving bank and will not be liable for any loss incurred due to a wire transfer not having been received.