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State Street Money Market Funds Suite — Opportunity Share Class

“A growing body of research shows that companies committed to diversity and inclusion perform better over the long term. As an investment manager entrusted with $3.48 trillion* including $449.55 billion of cash assets, we understand the special responsibility we have to our clients and employees to support diversity at every level of our business.”

— Cyrus Taraporevala, President and Chief Executive Officer, State Street Global Advisors

In partnership with our clients who expressed their own interest in inclusion and diversity which resonated with our own, we have created a liquidity investment option aimed at investing responsibly in order to drive social progress, with a particular focus on the areas of racial equity and social justice. To respond to that demand, we have extended our traditional asset stewardship role, i.e., beyond proxy voting and engagement with issuer companies, to make the Opportunity Share Class available to State Street Global Advisors’ liquidity investors.

Supporting I&D Inititatives

How can institutional cash investors incorporate and support inclusion and diversity (I&D) initiatives without sacrificing preservation of capital, liquidity, or performance?

The Opportunity Share Class is an innovative solution that addresses our clients’ desire to support inclusion and diversity initiatives through their cash investments. It also aligns with State Street Global Advisors’ core beliefs around creating a fairer and more equitable society. State Street Global Advisors recognizes that investors are looking for tangible ways for their investments to make a material impact on areas of I&D without sacrificing the current risk, return, and liquidity characteristics of their money market fund investments.

Bring Commutities Lasting Economic Benefits

How does the Opportunity Share Class support I&D initiatives?

The Opportunity Share Class will donate 20% of its net management fee revenue to philanthropic organizations whose missions align with State Street Global Advisors’ commitment to inclusion and diversity. State Street Global Advisors will identify recipient organizations in partnership with the State Street Foundation, State Street’s charitable arm. In 2020, the State Street Foundation invested nearly $23 million in nonprofit organizations to bring lasting economic benefits to the communities where we live and work.

Innovative Solution

The Product Set

State Street money market funds that offer the Opportunity Share Class are as follows:

Funds Offered Ticker Master Fund AUM* Rating
State Street Institutional US Government Money Market  OPGXX  $105 billion AAA S+P/ Fitch/Moody’s
State Street Institutional Treasury Plus Money Market  OPTXX  $46 billion AAA S+P/ Fitch/Moody’s
State Street Institutional Treasury Money Market  OPRXX  $16 billion  AAA S+P/ Fitch/Moody’s
State Street Institutional Liquid Reserves  OPIXX  $12 billion  AAA S+P/ Fitch
State Street Institutional ESG Liquid Reserves  OPEXX  $1 billion AAA S+P/ Fitch

*As of 07/31/2022
Ratings are subject to change and do not imply the elimination of risk.
For complete information on the methodology used by each rating agency, please visit the following websites: S&P and Fitch Ratings.

State Street Global Advisors now offers a newly created share class within our existing AAA-rated, 2a-7 registered, money market fund range that is designated “Opportunity.” As we continue to engage with key intermediaries, we intend to offer Opportunity shares broadly so cash investors may invest via their preferred intermediary partner. We wish to allow investors full accessibility and transactional ease, so that they are able to use Opportunity as part of their overall cash management solution.

More on Cash

For further information or to open an account, please contact us at +1 877-521-4083 or email the cash team.