The ESG Data Challenge The Importance of Data Quality in ESG Investing

Director of Research
ESG Analyst


  Sustainalytics MSCI RobecoSAM Bloomberg ESG
Sustainalytics 1 0.53 0.76 0.66
MSCI   1 0.48 0.47
RobecoSAM     1 0.68
Bloomberg ESG       1

  MSCI Sustainalytics
Materiality Proprietary Definition of Materiality International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Definition of Materiality
Normalization Key Issue Weighted Average by Global Industry Classification System Sub-Industry Key Issue Weighted Average by 42 Peer Groups
Weighting Key Issue Weights (proprietary model) Key Issue Weights (proprietary model)
Aggregation 37 Metrics 60–80 Metrics