MSCI ACWI ex USA IMI Screened Index Strategy

Investment Objective

Investment Objective

The Portfolio seeks an investment return that approximates as closely as practicable, before expenses, the performance of its benchmark index (the "Index") over the long term. The Portfolio implements a screen of certain social or environmental criteria (the "Screen").*


Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

The Strategy is managed using an "indexing" investment approach, by which SSGA attempts to approximate, before expenses, the performance of the Index over the long term. SSGA will typically attempt to invest in the equity securities comprising the Index, in approximately the same proportions as they are represented in the Index. Equity securities may include common stocks, preferred stocks, depository receipts, or other securities convertible into common stock. Equity securities held by the Strategy may be denominated in foreign currencies and may be held outside the United States. In some cases, it may not be possible or practicable to purchase all of the securities comprising the Index, or to hold them in the same weightings as they represent in the Index. In those circumstances, SSGA may employ a sampling or optimization technique to construct the portfolio in question. SSGA may also utilize other pooled investment vehicles, including those managed by SSGA and its affiliates, as substitutes for gaining direct exposure to securities or a group of securities in the Index. A Portfolio may also invest in the securities of Chinese companies, normally restricted to residents of the People's Republic of China (commonly known as "A Shares" or "China A Shares"), through the Stock Connect program or other channels.

From time to time securities are added to or removed from the Index. SSGA may sell securities that are represented in the Index, or purchase securities that are not yet represented in the Index, prior to or after their removal or addition to the Index.

The Strategy may at times purchase or sell index futures contracts, or options on those futures, or engage in other transactions involving the use of derivatives, in lieu of investment directly in the securities making up the Index or to enhance the Strategy's replication of the Index return. The Strategy's return may not match the return of the Index.


The MSCI ACWI ex USA IMI Index is a trademark of MSCI Inc.

*The screen is provided by MSCI Inc. (or their successors or assigns) and is intended to screen out companies which significantly engage in producing or distributing adult entertainment, tobacco production, or conventional, biological, chemical or nuclear weapons production; or which own or operate facilities where abortions are performed, or which have any involvement in manufacturing abortifacient products, manufacturing or licensing their company brand name to contraceptive products, embryonic or fetal tissue stem cell research, or depleted uranium, cluster bomb and landmine production; or which have received a less than a "satisfactory" rating from federal regulatory agencies under the Community Reinvestment Act; or which have very severe controversies related to workforce diversity.

There are risks involved with investing, including possible loss of principal. You should refer to the Strategy's Disclosure Document (SDD) for a complete description of the risks of investing in the Strategy. Please contact SSGA's relationship management team for a copy of the SDD.