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Liability Driven Investment

We partner with consultants and schemes of all sizes to reduce funding-level volatility, free up assets and help reach de-risking goals.

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Our Expertise

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Why LDI?

State Street Global Advisors provides a total LDI package for our clients, irrespective of their size.

Tailored implementation

  • Target interest rate and inflation rate hedge ratios
  • Target growth, income and protection asset allocations
  • Triggers to accelerate initial implementation based on market and funding levels

Managed portfolios

  • Overall interest rate and inflation rate hedge ratios
  • Tenor points interest rate and inflation rate hedge ratios
  • Asset allocation
  • Funding level monitoring

Managed cash flow

  • Redesigned hedges to accommodate client redemptions
  • Reduce leverage following client contributions
  • Handle capital calls and distributions

We understand the need to maximise capital and collateral efficiency while retaining asset allocation flexibility.

Both our Pooled and Segregated Mandate solutions incorporate these three traits:

Pooled solutions

Our innovative capital efficient solution, the Target Leverage Fund range, allows schemes to leverage both their growth and LDI assets, maximising capital efficiency whilst maintaining asset allocation flexibility. 
A full complementary LDI range of over 40 pooled LDI leveraged and unlevered funds, gives schemes the flexibility to precision tailor their hedge to their unique circumstances and requirements.

Segregated Mandate solutions

For pension schemes favouring a segregated approach, we offer a partnership model.
We offer tailored solutions targeting bespoke objectives, risk management and liquidity management with the additional benefit of operating under the same legal umbrella as our multi-client funds.

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Meet the Team
Bio Image of Jeremy Rideau

Jeremy Rideau, CFA

EMEA Head of LDI

Bio Image of Danielle Bowkett

Danielle Bowkett, CAIA

Senior LDI Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Paul Ramsay

Paul Ramsay

Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Daoyu Chen

Daoyu Chen, CFA

Senior Investment Strategist