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Defined Contribution

Target Date Funds

Unlocking the value of diversification by leveraging more precisely selected asset classes.

Unlocking the value of diversification

Diversification is a fundamental investment strategy that accounts especially for falling markets by investing in multiple types of asset classes. Combining different type of investments can reduce overall risk and protect better from capital loss and provide a more stable investment journey over the long term.


Asset Classes


Global Developed Equity

Emerging Markets

Global Equity

Global  Small Cap

Global Developed Equity Systematic Volatility

Emerging Markets Systematic Volatility

Fixed Income

Local Currency Emerging Market Government Bond

Global  High Yield

Global Bonds

UK Non-Government Bonds

UK Government Bonds


Dynamic Diversified


Global Infrastructure

The information contained above is for illustrative purposes only. Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss. Please refer to the disclosure page for additional risk disclosures.

Beyond deep diversification, we express our commitment to delivering value for money retirement outcomes by offering:

  • Cost sensitive investment strategies
  • Thoughtfully constructed glidepath to deliver investment growth and preserve capital
  • Continuously adapting to changes in market, regulations and member needs
  • Robust governance by our European DC Investment Group
  • ESG integration, focusing on creating positive impact and sustainable returns

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