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Gold Setting the Standard in Gold ETF Investing

As the global leader in the gold-backed ETF market by AUM,1 State Street offers investors a relatively liquid, cost-effective way to access the asset class’s potential for long-term returns, diversification and downside mitigation. Built in partnership between the World Gold Council and the creator of the world’s first ETFs,2 State Street SPDR gold ETFs are setting the standard when it comes to investing in gold.3

Leadership That Drives Liquidity

Since partnering with the World Gold Council to launch the first US-listed gold exchange traded fund in 2004, State Street has democratized access to gold as an asset class.

We offer the largest4 and most frequently traded5 gold ETF globally. This leadership has translated to robust liquidity, low costs and tight trading spreads.

Explore Gold ETF Investing

Learn how investors are using gold ETFs to seek to strengthen their portfolios by adding strategic long-term allocations and tactically capitalizing on market opportunities.

Built in Partnership

When the world’s preeminent gold experts wanted to transform how investors access the asset class, the World Gold Council turned to State Street, a pioneer in ETF investing. The remarkable demand for accessing gold this way is reflected in the fact that the ETF reached $1B in AUM in just three days after launching in 2004.

For nearly two decades, our partnership with the World Gold Council has been critical to raising awareness about the potential strategic benefits of gold as we have sought to deliver cost-effective, efficient exposure to the asset class.

A Strategic, Long-Term Asset

Gold’s potential to preserve wealth during times of market distress is well known, but it also has the potential to do much more than that. In addition to its tactical uses, gold can serve a long-term strategic role in a core portfolio.

Investors seek the following benefits from strategic allocations to gold:

Long-Term Returns

Gold has a 7.38% annual growth rate since August 1971, the day US President Richard Nixon effectively “closed the gold window.”9


Gold has demonstrated a 0.00 and 0.08 monthly correlation to the S&P 500 Index and Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index, respectively, since the 1970s.10

Deep Liquidity

The estimated global average daily turnover of gold is more than $130 billion, which is equivalent to $33 trillion per year.11

Protection from Market Downturns

During the last 15 market downturns, gold has provided a +5.8% return, while the S&P 500 Total Return Index declined -24.2%.12

Pure Gold. Pure Exposure.

SPDR gold ETFs are backed 100% by physical gold. Our ETFs are designed to provide the direct, secure and liquid exposure investors seek when investing in gold—without the costs and logistical concerns of owning bullion or the potential tracking error of investing in gold through other vehicles.

Our Solutions

Whether an investor prioritizes a low expense ratio and low share price or enhanced liquidity and highly efficient trade execution, SPDR gold ETFs may provide the solutions investors need.