Investor Education

The world’s markets in single, tradeable investments - ETFs

Investors can access the performance of most global markets through individual ETFs (exchange traded funds). ETFs offer global reach, maximum diversification, and low-costs that help boost returns compared to more expensive options. What is an ETF, and how can you use it?

We explore the fundamentals of Exchange Traded Funds.

Our perspectives on the key ‘value-add’ that ETFs can provide to all investors.

Ideas for how exchange traded funds can be used in an investment portfolio.

The basic pre-buyer’s guide to understanding ETFs, how they work, how they fit into your portfolio, and other important considerations.

Even as ETFs have grown in popularity, there is a still a great deal of misunderstanding over how they are structured and regulated, how they trade, and how their performance compares to other kinds of investments. We answer these common myths and misunderstandings.

The rapid increase in the number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the marketplace in recent years has made the task of navigating the landscape more onerous. This checklist is a decision framework to help ensure the ETFs you choose best meet your needs.