SPDR® Gold Shares O87

USD $167.15
as of 09 Dec 2022
as of
USD Stock Code
USD $52,568.94 M
as of 09 Dec 2022
Expense Ratio
SGD Stock Code

Key Features

The SPDR® Gold Shares are intended to offer investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market through the trading of a security on a regulated stock exchange.

SPDR Gold Shares’ Key Attributes:

1. Easily accessible – The SPDR Gold Shares are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

2. Secured - HSBC Bank Plc is the custodian for the gold held by the SPDR® Gold Trust.

3. Cost-effective – Transaction costs related to SPDR Gold Shares are generally lower thancosts associated with the purchase, storage and insurance of physical gold.

4. Transparent – The price, holdings and net asset value of SPDR Gold Shares, as well as market data for overall gold bullion market, can be tracked at www.spdrgoldshares.com.

5. Flexible –SPDR Gold Shares trade in the same way ordinary stocks do. It is possible to buy or sell SPDR Gold Shares continuously throughout the trading day and in two currencies, USD and SGD.

Fund Objective

The SPDR Gold Trust (the ‘Trust’) is a standalone investment trust formed under New York law. The Trust holds gold bullion and issues SPDR Gold Shares (the ‘Shares’) which represent units of fractional undivided beneficial interest in, and ownership of, the Trust. The investment objective of the Trust is for the Shares to reflect the performance of the price of gold bullion, less the Trust's expenses. The Shares are traded on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") at market prices throughout the trading day. The Shares are also listed on the NYSE Arca, Inc. ("NYSE Arca") and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK").

Fund Information as of 10 Dec 2022

Reference Benchmark LBMA Gold Price PM
Inception Date 18 Nov 2004
Expense Ratio
Board Lot Size 1 Share
Base Currency USD
Domicile United States
Countries of Registration Hong Kong, Singapore, United States
Structure Continuously offered investment trust
Replication Method Tracks LBMA Gold Price PM Physically-backed
Trading Currency USD, SGD

Listing Information as of 10 Dec 2022

Exchange Trading Currency Listing Date Stock Code SEDOL Code Bloomberg Code ISIN
Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited USD 11 Oct 2006 O87 B1FW3W0 GLD SP US78463V1070
Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited SGD 30 Jun 2021 GSD BNXGPG6 GSD SP US78463V1070


Estimated NAV per Unit at 5PM, Singapore Time as of
Estimated NAV per Unit as of (Updated every 15 seconds)
As of (Updated every 15 seconds)

Delayed by 10-15 seconds. The Estimated NAV per Unit should not be viewed as the actual NAV per Unit. The estimated NAV per Unit is provided for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual NAV per Unit calculated in accordance with the Trust Deed.

Please refer to the Prospectus for the definition of "Dealing Day".

Per Basket Information
as of 09 Dec 2022

NAV (in gold oz) Per Basket 9,306.06
NAV Per Basket USD $16,715,083.61

Fund Market Price as of 09 Dec 2022

Currency Bid/Ask Closing Price Day High Day Low Exchange Volume (Shares)
USD USD $166.60 USD $166.60 USD $167.24 USD $166.56 7,266 -0.05%
SGD SGD $225.31 SGD $225.40 SGD $225.50 SGD $225.40 293 -0.06%

Fund Net Asset Value as of 09 Dec 2022

LBMA Gold Price PM USD $1,796.15
USD $167.15
SGD $226.12
Shares Outstanding 314.50 M
AUM USD $52,568.94 M
AUM SGD $71,115.26 M

Fund Performance

  • Fund Inception Date: 18 Nov 2004
  • Index Inception Date: 18 Nov 2004

as of 30 Nov 2022

As Of YTD 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since Inception
18 Nov 2004
Fund 30 Nov 2022 -4.01% 6.95% 2.09% -4.83% -3.21% 5.86% 6.07% -0.24% 7.51%
Benchmark 30 Nov 2022 -2.90% 6.99% 2.19% -4.63% -2.82% 6.29% 6.49% 0.16% 7.94%

as of 30 Sep 2022

As Of YTD 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since Inception
18 Nov 2004
Fund 30 Sep 2022 -8.43% -2.61% -8.09% -14.10% -4.46% 3.60% 5.01% -1.00% 7.30%
Benchmark 30 Sep 2022 -7.43% -2.57% -7.99% -13.92% -4.08% 4.02% 5.43% -0.60% 7.73%

Performance is calculated on a single pricing basis (NAV-To-NAV), in USD, including the reinvestment of any dividend. No dividends were issued during the period, nor are any expected to be issued in future periods. Returns greater than one year are annualized. Performance quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, so you may have a gain or loss when shares are sold. Current performance may be higher or lower than that quoted. Visit www.spdrgoldshares.com for most recent month-end performance.

Effective March 20, 2015, the SPDR Gold Trust (O87) adopted the LBMA Gold Price PM as the reference benchmark price of gold in calculating the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Trust. Prior to that date, the Trust used the London PM Fix as the reference benchmark price in calculating the NAV.

Purchase Information

SPDR ETFs are flexible and easy to trade. Investors buy and sell them like shares, typically through a stock broker. Investors can also employ traditional share trading techniques, including stop orders, limit orders and margin purchases (if available).

To purchase a SPDR® fund, please consult your stock broker or financial advisor.

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Nothing contained herein constitutes investment advice and should not be relied upon as such. The value of the Shares of the Trust may fall or rise. Shares in the Trust are not obligations of, deposits in, or guaranteed by, World Gold Trust Services, LLC, State Street Global Advisors or any of their affiliates. Past performance figures of the Trust or of the gold market are not necessarily indicative of the future performance of the Trust. The Shares are expected to reflect the gold price, therefore the price of the Shares will be as unpredictable as the gold price has historically been.

Investors have no right to request the Sponsor to redeem their Shares while the Shares are listed. It is intended that the holders of the Shares may only deal in their Shares through trading on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX"). Redemption of Shares can only be executed in substantial size through authorized participants. Listing of the shares on the SGX does not guarantee a liquid market for the Shares, and the Shares may be delisted from the SGX.

The prospectus in respect of the Singapore offer of the shares in the SPDR Gold Trust (the 'Trust') is available and may be obtained upon request from State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited ("SSGA") (Co. Reg. No: 200002719D). Investors should read the prospectus of the Trust before deciding whether to purchase SPDR Gold shares (the 'Shares'). You may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase Shares. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should consider whether the Trust is suitable for you.