Investment Capabilities

Low-Cost Core ETF Investing Efficient building blocks for a strong core

State Street SPDR Portfolio ETFs are a comprehensive suite of low-cost portfolio building blocks. Backed by our indexing expertise and heritage as an ETF pioneer, our low-cost core ETFs efficiently deliver exposures to asset classes that are the foundation of strong, flexible portfolios.

Built With Purpose and Attention to Detail

As the creator of the world’s first ETFs,1 we believe in their power to provide investors low-cost, tax-efficient, transparent tools for asset allocation, one of the leading drivers of portfolio returns.This belief drives our approach to low-cost core investing.

We designed these funds by focusing on the details that matter to investors and their advisors when it comes to building strategic asset allocations, including:

Low Fee

Total Cost of Ownership


Share Price

Benchmark Selection

Tracking Error

Our Insights on Low-Cost Core Investing

Our Insights on Low-Cost Core Investing

Our Insights on Low-Cost Core Investing

Our Insights on Low-Cost Core Investing

Backed by an ETF and Indexing Leader

SPDR Portfolio ETFs are backed by the same team and processes that have made us a leader in the field of ETF investing. Our innovation in ETFs is driven by our commitment to delivering low-cost, efficient solutions for investors and our more than 40 years of indexing experience.

Our Solutions

SPDR Portfolio ETFs provide investors access to a full range of equity and fixed income exposures that can be used to build broad, diversified portfolios. Our comprehensive suite of low-cost core ETFs is backed by partnerships with S&P, Bloomberg Barclays and other of the industry’s most well-known and widely used index providers.