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Seize the Potential of Gold


As we look forward to the new year, our Gold Strategy team provides optimistic insights amongst the likelihood of higher volatility. Read more about the four macroeconomic themes identified for gold’s 2022 outlook.

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Leadership That Drives Liquidity

Since partnering with the World Gold Council to launch the first US-listed gold exchange traded fund in 2004, State Street has democratized access to gold as an asset class.

We offer the largest1 and most frequently traded2 gold ETF globally. The leadership has translated to robust liquidity, low costs and tight trading spreads.

Invest in SPDR Gold ETFs

SPDR Gold Shares (O87) / (GSD)

The world’s largest and most liquid gold-backed ETF offers strategic, long-term investors access to the gold market.6

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Gold Data and Insights

A quick pulse-check on the gold market, our dashboard has the crucial data points to keep you informed and up to date.

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