ESG Investment Solutions

Regulatory, stakeholder and environmental drivers are increasingly making the need to find the right ESG investment solutions an urgent one. But we also know that performance is key to the right ESG solution, so we’ve developed the tools and solutions to help you meet your ESG and performance goals.

A leader in ESG investing for 30+ years, today we are integrating ESG directly into our investment processes and have a full suite of ESG strategies to help meet your objectives.


Exclusionary Strategies

Exclusionary approaches allow investors to align their portfolios with their values or mission by excluding certain incompatible investments.

The skill and expertise we’ve built as one of the world’s top index managers allows us to create manage and implement precision investments that tightly match your ESG exclusion requirements.

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Integrated Strategies

Integrated strategies seek to improve financial outcomes by incorporating ESG data into the research and security-selection processes.

We are committed to the full integration of material ESG factors into our investment processes, meaning that when you invest with us every part of your investment will have ESG considerations factored in.  

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Climate Risk Strategies

Climate risk is widely held to be the number one ESG issue for asset owners today. We’ve developed a number of highly effective solutions – from equity to fixed income to cash- to help address climate risk and position your portfolio for the transition ot the coming low-carbon economy.  

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Featured Solutions

Sustainable Climate Strategy

This breakthrough strategy offers global equity exposure, while efficiently targeting climate change, controlling current impacts and positioning investments for future climate-related benefits. 

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Multifactor ESG Strategy

Combining the outperformance potential of smart beta with the risk mitigation benefits of ESG, our Multifactor ESG strategy targets delivery on multiple fronts.

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Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy

Fully customizable corporate bond exposure with client-specific carbon-reduction targets. The strategy has been designed to minimize tracking error while maintaining benchmark characteristics. 

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Meet Your Targets

We offer an extensive range of solutions to help precision match your ESG investment needs. 

Asset Class Fund ESG Classification Management Style Benchmark Vehicle
Global Equity State Street Emerging Markets SRI Enhanced Equity Fund Exclusionary Screen Active MSCI Emerging Markets Index SICAV
Global Equity State Street World ESG Index Equity Fund Integrated/Exclusionary Screen Index MSCI World ESG Universal Index SICAV
Global Equity State Street Multi-Factor Global ESG Equity Strategy Integrated/Exclusion Smart Beta MSCI World SICAV
Global Equity State Street Sustainable Developed Equity Climate Strategy Theme/Climate  Alternatively Weighted Index  MSCI World Index Segregated Mandate
Global Equity State Street Low Carbon Equity Strategy Theme/Climate  Alternatively Weighted Index  MSCI World Index Segregated Mandate
Fixed Income State Street Euro Sustainable Corporate Bond Index Strategy Integrated/Exclusionary Screen Index IBOXX Euro Sustainable Corporate Bond Custom Index SICAV
Fixed Income State Street Low-Carbon Corporate Bond Strategy Theme/Climate  Index Bloomberg Barclays EURO Aggregate Corporate Bond Index Segregated Mandate

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