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Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainable Climate Strategy

The Next Wave, Now

The State Street Sustainable Climate Strategy is a long-only investment approach that uses a mitigation + adaptation methodology to build climate change thematically into equity portfolios.

Designed from the ground up to be flexible, the customizable framework allows us to create client portfolios that target reductions in current and future carbon emissions, increase exposure to green revenues and increase resiliency to the physical risks posed by climate change.

The Strategy is aligned with the most ambitious goals stemming from the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement — including limiting climate change to the 2° Celsius warming scenario over the 21st century. It's designed for investors who wish to prepare their portfolios for the transition to a low-carbon economy, in a scalable and risk-aware way.

It's available now to meet those needs.

Our innovative and highly sophisticated framework establishes a new frontier in the effort to build climate change thematically into equity portfolios.

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