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Core Equities

DIA: Liquidity at the core Invest in the heart and soul of the US economy

SPDR® Dow Jones® Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA) gives investors highly liquid, transparent and cost-efficient exposure to a diversified collection of well-known companies at the heart of the US economy. DIA’s pedigree, deep trading volume and low cost of ownership make it a relatively attractive tool for institutional investors looking for exposure to the US stock market with the liquidity and flexibility to implement a variety of strategies.

What is DIA?

DIA is an ETF designed to track the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is composed of 30 blue-chip US stocks. DIA provides access to the oldest, most widely quoted indicator of US stock market activity in the innovative ETF structure.


Three reasons to use DIA for your US equity exposure


State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) is a pioneer in index-based investing and ETFs. SSGA is one of the largest asset managers in the world, with nearly $3.5 trillion in assets under management.1 SSGA has managed a universe of index and active strategies for institutional investors for over 40 years and launched the first US ETF.

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