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Strategies & Capabilities

Systematic Active Fixed Income Investing

A risk-controlled, low-correlation alternative to fundamental strategies.

Our Philosophy

Across the fixed income marketplace, transparency and efficiency have improved substantially in recent years, making a systematic investment style possible. Investors could benefit from the differentiated, risk-controlled performance of systematic investing strategies, while avoiding the cognitive and behavioral biases inherent with traditional discretionary asset management.

  • Outperformance opportunities can be identified systematically, across a broad spectrum of securities, using a quantitative, rules-based approach, while avoiding  institutional constraints and behavioral biases.
  • Our factor-based insights, powered by Barclays Quantitative Portfolio Strategy (QPS), seek to identify alpha opportunities following a robust and systematic investment process.
  • Implementation expertise allows us to capture risk premia effectively with high sensitivity to the desired style factors.

Our Offering

We combine industry-leading factor research from Barclays QPS with the proven portfolio construction expertise of State Street Global Advisors. Bringing to bear our capabilities in trading complex fixed income instruments, we aim to offer clients a comprehensive set of products across the full range of fixed income markets.

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The Basics

Building a Portfolio

Insights into Action

Systematic Fixed Income Strategy Team

Bio Image of Alexander Rudin

Alexander Rudin, Ph.D.

Global Head of Research

Bio Image of Jiho Han

Jiho Han, CFA

Bio Image of Matthew J Steinaway

Matthew J Steinaway, CFA

CIO, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Cash

Bio Image of Stephen Richard Yeats

Stephen Richard Yeats, CFA

Global Head of Fixed Income Beta Solutions / UK Head of Investment

Bio Image of Matthew Nest

Matthew Nest, CFA

Global Head of Active Fixed Income

Bio Image of Kyle P Kelly

Kyle P Kelly, CFA, FRM

Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Konstantin Nemnov

Konstantin Nemnov, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Bio Image of Matthew D Pappas

Matthew D Pappas

Senior Portfolio Manager

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