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Investing in Uncertain Times: Beyond the Pandemic – July 2020

In the latest quarterly newsletter, the Fundamental Growth & Core Equity team explore two themes related to the consumer. One looks at the power of consumer brands to drive growth through economic cycles. Shifting to the area of ecommerce, our analysts consider the evolution of online retailing across the US, China and Latin America and question the impact COVID-19 may have on prospects.

  • Higher brand value is a competitive advantage that sets consumer companies apart from their rivals, enables them to withstand market pressures, and offers customers access to products and/or services of consistent quality. Looking at companies that score well on their Confidence Quotient framework, the team considers the key factors underpinning these businesses and how they are responding to the current environment.
  • In conversation with three of our consumer analysts, we ask if major ecommerce players can further expand their footprints, what the future holds for bricks and mortar, and whether COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to online business.