In today’s market, returns are less certain and risks come from new and unexpected places. Finding the right balance across asset classes can help capture additional value and protect your portfolio against market risk.

Multi-Asset Class Strategies

Exposure Management
These strategies maintain asset class exposures in an efficient, liquid manner while helping you to manage cash balances.

Strategic Asset Allocation
We design customised strategic allocation solutions based on your investment objectives, portfolio composition and forecasted market conditions.  

Tactical Asset Allocation
Our tactical allocation portfolios reflect changes in the asset class valuations relative to your strategic benchmark. The approach seeks to outperform the benchmark while being calibrated to your risk tolerance.

Objective Based
Purposely designed, dynamic investment strategies that include embedded features aimed at mitigating challenges faced by investors when it comes to supporting retirement aspirations.

Asset Liability Matching (ALM)
To help you lower your plan funding risk, meet future funding targets, match assets to liabilities and improve liquidity, we design thoughtful, innovative ALM solutions.

Custom Solutions
ISG offers alternative asset classes and non-traditional portfolio construction implementations. These approaches include:
•    Real Assets
•    Risk Parity

Fiduciary Advisory Services
Through experienced and collaborative counsel, we can help you improve multi-asset class investment and governance decision-making amidst the challenge of shifting market and regulatory environments.

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Client Case Studies

A Series of Tactical Asset Allocation Model Portfolios


The ISG worked with a client to initially solve their investment concerns, and through deeper dialogue, were able to offer additional insights and value into their tactical asset allocation process.

Employing Regime-Aware Investing in Pursuit of Lower Equity Risk


Employing Regime-Aware Investing in Pursuit of Lower Equity Risk

Employing Regime-Aware Investing in Pursuit of Lower Equity Risk A client delayed implementing an active equity strategy as they were concerned with volatile market conditions. We designed an alternative solution that would still meet the client’s return requirements while tightly managing risk.

To succeed today, you need a collaborator who is prepared to listen, to truly understand the complexities you’re up against. At SSGA, we combine ongoing client conversations with deep experience across asset classes and investment strategies to help you break through barriers and unlock more of the market’s full potential.

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